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Outsourcing makes good business sense

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Achievable benefits with outsourced billing: 

Free up office space

  • Add additional revenue generating space.

business people working at table cropped xs 18489792Some employee turnover becomes irrelevant

  • Reduce employee turnover in the billing department.
  • Only large practices justify a billing department employing individuals with specialized skills and levels of sophistication.

Reduce incoming phone calls

  • Claim error reductions generate less inquirings directly to the billing service.

Turn fixed expenses into variable

  • Office space and staff with fixed minimal levels incrementally increase step-wise.
  • Paying a percentage tied to collections directly correlate between collections and cost.
  • Align your interests with the billing service.

Know your marketplace

  • Broader access to your specialty marketplaceā€”the most valuable intangible of outsourcing.

Access solid data analytics

  • Maximize reimbursements.
  • Identify bottlenecks.
  • Teach providers and staff how to avoid negatively impacting claim errors. 
  • Obtain alternative coding methods to achieve favorable reimbursements.

Know your accounts receivables

  • Monthly aging (30, 60, 90 days receivables) reports typically not provided by an inhouse billing person.

Have a resource at payer offices

  • Biller establishes a personal relationship with a single payer allowing expedited problem resolution.

Be prepared for a payer audit

  • Biller acts as your expert and advocate in case of a payer's audit since familiar with the process and possesses the documentation as an ordinary course of business.

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