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About Us

In the business since 1987, GIS is a leader in medical billing, practice management solutions, and health records management.

The challenging medical reimbursement environment demands keeping up to date.

To maintain positive margins requires expert management to:

  • Reduce clinical costs
  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Meet tighter compliance issues
  • Address security measures

With GIS you can expect expedited reimbursement, lower billing errors and a positive impact on your cash flow. 

Focus on your patient care and medical education requirements while GIS handles the business side of your practice. 

Experience, Accessibility, and Flexibility

Expertise—Draw on our decades long experience as medical practice managers to improve your billing management.

Technology—Utilize the latest software applications for faster, smarter and more accurate billing.

Flexibility—No matter where you are on the technology scale GIS can help. Whether you use manual or electronic records, or in transition, GIS will support your needs.

Scope—Services are tailored to your exacting and expanding requirements.

Speed—GIS, with the latest technology, offers rapid charge posting and payment processing.

Review—Regular fee-schedule updates to assure maximization of profits.

And in our continuing commitment to quality and service, we are members of the HBMA and the Better Business Bureau.