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Q: Do you obtain authorizations for specialty services to see patients?


A: Typically, the client’s staff performs authorizations.

GIS offers the service to clients requesting assistance.

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Q: Who performs eligibility verification?


A: Typically, the provider’s office performs eligibility verifications.

GIS performs this service per request.

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Q: If there is missing information, how do you obtain it?


 A: GIS promptly sends an alert to the client as an email or by a prior chosen method.

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Q: What about my money?


A: GIS has various options ensuring the seamless capture of funds—specifically tailored to each client’s request.

EFT (electronic funds transfer) is set up for all carriers, including Medicare and Medicaid.

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Q: How do I know you received and completed my billings?


A: GIS generally verifies receipt via email or by the specific modality the client requests.

GIS utilizes the communication vehicle best suited to each client.

Clients receive monthly customized reports detailing every patient encounter and all charges verifying completed work.

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Q: Do you bill patients?


A: GIS sends out patient bills weekly.

Each patient with an outstanding balance receives a monthly statement.

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Q: Does GIS follow up on filed claims?


A: With unpaid claims, GIS has a follow-up protocol utilizing online or telephonic inquiries when the turnaround period exceeds the usually deadlines.

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Q: How does my billing get to you?


A: There are a variety of ways for us to obtain your billings.

With an EHR, the "eSuperbill" offers the quickest, seamless transmittal.

Faxing and emailing are two alternative common methods.

We also accept billings via the US Postal Service.

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