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  • Q: How does my billing get to you? +

    A:  There are a variety of ways for us to obtain your billings.  Currently faxing or emailing is the most

  • Q: Does GIS follow up on filed claims? +

    A: With unpaid claims, GIS has a follow-up protocol via online or telephonic inquiries when the turnaround period exceeds the usually deadlines.

  • Q: Do you bill patients? +

    A: GIS sends out patient bills weekly. Each patient with an outstanding balance is sent a statement monthly.

  • Q: How do I know you received and completed my billings? +

    A:  GIS generally verifies receipt via email or by the specific modality requested by the client. GIS will utilize a

  • Q: What about my money? +

    A:  GIS has various options ensuring the seamless capture of funds—specifically tailored to each client’s needs. EFT (electronic funds transfer)

  • Q: If there is missing information, how do you obtain it? +

    A: GIS will promptly send an alert to the client by a prior chosen method such as email.

  • Q: Who performs eligibility verification? +

    A: Typically the provider’s office performs eligibility verifications. However, GIS can perform this service per request.

  • Q: Do you make patient appointment call reminders? +

    A: GIS offers an automated dialing method with a predetermined time and script.

  • Q: Do you credential physicians with Medicare, Medicaid and third party payors? +

    A: GIS assists in basic credentialing with all major carriers.

  • Q: Do you obtain authorizations for specialty services to see patients? +

    A: Typically the client’s staff performs authorizations. GIS will assist any practice with this as an extra service.

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