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Steps to Conducting an EHR Vendor Assessment

  • Identify high-priority needs.
  • Identify the most needed EHR features.
  • Set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound EHR goals.
  • List key decisions of potential deal-breakers.
  • Decide where to store the EHR data: in-office, vendor server, or web-based. 
  • Narrow the field:
    • Solicit the EHR experience of colleagues.
    • Obtain EHR evaluaton tools and resources from medical societies.
    • Utilize online information about different vendors.
  • Further narrow the field using various metrics comparing vendors.
  • Conduct 2-5 face-to-face vendor demonstrations.
  • Compare core functionalities, look and feel, and practice management features.
  • Personally preview each EHR on site, and contact references. 
  • Prepare lessons learned questions by your practice before, during, and after implementation.

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