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2019 Practice priorities

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 Protect confidentiality

  • Core tenet
  • Number one priority

Assess financial health

  • Review and understand financial statements
  • Outsource expertise to evaluate practice viability and health

Stay ahead of the curve

  • Increase quality of services
  • Introduce new technologies

Charting and Billing practice reevaluation

  •  Review documentation habits
  •  Translates to increased revenue

Manage the revenue cycle

  • Analyze renewal contracts
  • Remain up to date on insurance changes

Make innovation profitable

  • Allows better decision making
  • Evaluate downstream implications
  • Link the business to creative ideas

Increase Efficiency

  • Implement real-time performance analysis
  • Make staff accountable for the quality control

Create a shared perspective

  • Optimize reliability
  • Collective staff perspective

Improve patient services

  • Directly tied to overall satisfaction  

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